True peace of mind comes when we choose to oversee violence. We choose peace and prosperity over everything else when we choose to see the positive instead of the negativity. The key to peace? Be joyful and always be prepared to see the good in everything around you. Always be grateful for everything you have in life.


Most people like living in the past, they tend to dwell on their past wounds and seek to change it rather than looking towards a better future. For a peaceful and happy life, it is important that you learn to live in the present. Reliving the past to think about what could have happened instead of what actually happened will never let you be at peace. Don’t think about how you can change your past, instead learn from your mistakes and move on. Live in the present moment and you’ll automatically feel happier with life.


During the course of your life, you’re likely to encounter several situations where you will have to choose between vengeance and forgiveness. Always, choose to forgive and to forget the mistakes that others make. Seeking revenge will never bring you anything, neither happiness nor satisfaction. The best way to settle matters with anyone is to forgive and forget whatever they did in the past. This will allow you to feel at peace in the present moment.


The first true step towards peace is practicing silence. Even if it is only for a few minutes each day, silence is necessary in your life. For a few minutes every day, sit quietly and meditate. Make sure there are no disturbances – no screens, no distractions, and no phones. Allow your soul to speak out and listen to your own self, observe peace and connect deeply with your own self through silence.


The simplest people are the happiest. Look at each area of life (i.e. people, projects, possessions, places) and check whether you’re out of control in any of these. If yes, modify and adjust things so that they are in line with how you want them to be in your life. Don’t overcomplicate things that you have no control of, just let them be. Keep it simple and keep yourself happy.


Do what you like, express yourself through whatever you love doing. You can sing, paint, dance, write, or do whatever you feel comfortable with. Just let yourself free and allow your soul to express itself.


The universal symbol for happiness is a smile. Smiling is a language recognized and appreciated by all. Nothing says peace and purpose like smiling.


Today’s modern era is about speed and efficiency. However, as human beings we need time for ourselves. When we fail to do so, we feel anxious and stressed. The antidote to this is to slow things down. Look around you and enjoy the little things in life that you have at the current moment.