I knew from a very young age that my youngest son was not like a typical boy. Instead of playing with trucks and picking up a ball, he gravitated towards playing “dress up” in princess dresses and playing with dolls. He even told me on occasions that he wished he was a girl.

As a parent, my ultimate goal has always been to be supportive and loving. I taught my children to have a mind of their own and encouraged them live their life authentically not based on societies expectations. I also wanted my children to be able to come to me with anything.

Two years ago, my happy and light-hearted 16 year old child began to become withdrawn and depressed.  He told me that he did some research on the feelings he’d been having and discovered that he was transgender.  He was a girl. It all made sense… Everything.  That was the beginning of a journey that we’d take together.

Now, 2 years later, I couldn’t be more proud of my beautiful daughter, Ella.   I admire her for her courage, bravery, and wisdom at such a young age. Since graduating high school, she has aspired to be a voice and advocate for the transgender community. And I am excited to say that our newly founded non-profit, Free 2 Be Me Foundation, has just received a determination letter from the IRS, recognizing it’s exempt status! And to top it all off, Ella has just recently embarked on a life-changing journey, as seen on season 2 of Caitlyn Jenner’s show, “I Am Cait”. I am one proud momma!  

Meet my daughter, Ella Giselle…